Hire a Professional Handyman for Home Repairs and Maintenance

Many homeowners hire a professional handyman for small home repairs and maintenance. Fixtures such as faucets and lighting systems often need to be replaced over time.

A handyman can replace these fixtures, saving the homeowner money. They also have the skills to do more intricate work, such as caulking and grouting. Often, home repairs involve larger projects and may require the services of a licensed contractor who carries insurance coverage in case of any issues. Home maintenance includes a variety of tasks that need to be performed on a monthly, seasonal, and annual basis.


Handymen often have access to many tools and equipment that might be expensive for homeowners to buy or rent. This means that they can complete a wide range of small home improvement and repair jobs much faster than you could on your own.

Unlike general contractors, who typically mark up prices to cover the cost of their subcontractors, handymen often charge lower hourly rates and can be flexible with pricing to suit your budget. Some handymen may attempt to upsell you on products or services that you don’t need, so make sure to get a clear and written estimate before work begins.

While a jack-of-all-tradesman has the skill set to do a broad range of home repairs and renovations, most states have legal limitations on what they can legally take on.

In most cases, a professional handyman can execute plumbing-adjacent tasks like installing new faucets and replacing water filters. However, they cannot perform more extensive plumbing repairs without a plumber’s license. If they do, this could potentially void your home’s insurance policy. So if you’re dealing with an unexpected pipe leak or another serious problem, don’t try to DIY it. Call a professional to ensure that the issue is resolved safely and correctly.


Many DIY enthusiasts love to tackle home improvement projects, but some jobs are best left to professionals. For example, electrical work like replacing light fixtures or switches may be dangerous for those who lack the proper knowledge. Fortunately, handyman service pros have the skills and tools to complete these tasks safely.

Changing the look of a room is another task many homeowners prefer to leave to a professional. This can include painting and drywall repair, as well as installing a new door or window. Then there are the smaller jobs, like de-cluttering a basement or building movable shelves. Handymen are also called to perform a variety of outdoor maintenance and improvement services, including gutter cleaning and chimney sweeping.

There are some national handyman service firms that handle marketing, branding, and customer acquisition but sell specific territories to local franchise owners. These franchises have handymen on staff and take service calls from customers within their geographic area.

It’s important to understand that the type of work a handyman can legally perform depends on state licensing rules. Some states require licensed contractors to complete major home construction jobs such as room additions and plumbing or electrical overhauls. These are typically outside the scope of a jack-of-all-trades handyman’s expertise, even if they have a general contracting license. Performing work that is not in your skill set can lead to costly mistakes and even property damage.


Often, handymen have a wide range of skills and can perform tasks that require more than just a little bit of knowledge. Whether it’s painting your living room or hanging that heavy piece of art, these jack-of-all-trades can tackle your home improvement projects quickly and efficiently so you don’t have to spend hours searching for specialists for each one.

Handymen also often specialize in drywall work, particularly after a home remodel or water damage remediation project. They can re-hang existing drywall or install new drywall, depending on the situation. Some handymen also have experience in tiling.

A general contractor, on the other hand, oversees large construction projects and works directly with contractors like plumbers, electricians, and carpentry experts. GCs often work on jobs that involve structural changes or renovations to the property and must pass trade, business, and law exams before being licensed in their state.

For the average homeowner, it’s difficult to find time for small home improvement tasks, especially when there are more pressing business matters at hand. Professional handymen can help keep your business running smoothly by tackling those miscellaneous maintenance and repair jobs that would otherwise be assigned to an employee or delegated to the IT department. They can do everything from replacing the rotting wood in your deck to installing a new sink and more. Plus, they can handle those emergency repairs you need to make ASAP so your operations don’t come to a standstill.


Oftentimes, the finishing touches are what make or break a home project. Handymen who specialize in this type of work can help you cross off that long-delayed item on your to-do list and make sure your home is looking its best.

Flooring services that handymen can offer include laying new carpet or vinyl, patching or repairing damaged tile floors, and staining and sealing decks. A good handyman will be able to handle these jobs quickly and efficiently without damaging the existing materials.

A handyman can also provide minor carpentry services, such as installing interior storage solutions like bookshelves or cabinets, replacing doors or door trim, and repairing baseboards. They can even replace or hang window and door blinds.

Many handymen also offer indoor winterization services, which can include tasks such as installing or repairing window film and weather stripping, caulking around windows and doors, and adding foam insulation and door sweeps to your home. This helps reduce energy bills and makes your house more comfortable.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, it’s important to keep track of the average hourly rates for handymen in your area and city. This can help you determine the right price for your services and ensure that you are making enough money to cover the cost of running your business. With Jobber, you can create a handyman services list that includes your typical rates, so it’s easy to reference when creating quotes and estimates.

Smart Appliance Installation

As people become more dependent on technology, they are looking for smart home appliance installation services. Handymen often install devices such as video doorbells, smart thermostats, and virtual assistants. In addition, they also repair these appliances.

Cleaning is another service that is offered by a professional handyman. They can clean carpets, windows, and walls. They may even help with cleaning out gutters or removing debris. This helps the homeowner save time and money. Unlike regular housekeepers, they are skilled and can work quickly.

Many handymen also offer interior winterization services, which can include installing or repairing window film, foam insulation, and caulking around doors and windows. They can also replace outlet covers and safety locks, and set up baby gates.

Finally, a handyman can help with moving heavy items like furniture, boxes, and appliances. They can also help with putting up and taking down holiday decorations. They can also help with painting, refinishing, and reupholstering furniture.

By utilizing a handyman service list, homeowners can get their repairs and maintenance done in no time. This can allow them to focus on other important tasks while the professional handles the mundane jobs. They can even save money by hiring one of these pros instead of an electrician or plumber. This way, they can save on their overhead and save on the cost of buying materials. Moreover, they can take advantage of the discounts and rebates that many of these professionals offer.


Many homeowners hire handymen to help them with finishing services, such as installing door knobs and handles, repairing and installing drywall, and tiling. These projects are typically not complex enough to require a licensed general contractor, but they still require someone with experience and specialized tools.

Over time, fixtures such as kitchen faucets and light switches may wear out. In these cases, it is important to replace them as soon as possible to avoid further damage and ensure safety. Handymen can easily carry out this type of work.

Handymen also offer other maintenance services, such as cleaning facilities and maintaining trash and recycling receptacles. They also conduct basic repairs on company equipment and appliances to keep them in good condition.

If you’ve ever watched a do-it-yourself disaster show on TV, then you know that even simple home repair projects can turn into huge headaches when done wrong. Many homeowners have ripped apart their bathrooms and kitchens months or even years after starting what they thought would be a simple renovation project. Thankfully, professional handymen can complete these projects quickly and efficiently to save you the pain and expense of DIY disasters.

Most handymen offer a variety of different services and charge based on an hourly rate or a fixed price per job. Using software like Jobber, it is easy to create a list of your handyman services and then attach them to each client so that you can quote accurately every time.

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Many homeowners hire a professional handyman for small home repairs and maintenance. Fixtures such as faucets and lighting systems often need to be replaced over time. A handyman can replace these fixtures, saving the homeowner money. They also have the skills to do more intricate work, such as caulking and grouting. Often, home repairs involve…